Deathrock is Dead

by H. Zombie

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I like noise when accompanied by artistry and few people in the world better exhibit the alchemical ability to blend these two aspects than young H. Zombie, here surrounded by some like-minded adventurers.

‘Deathrock Is Dead’ features Txarly Usher of Los Carniceros del Norte, Hugo’s other sonic refuge, so it’s going to be noisy. Shimmering with heathaze and a brooding distorted rhythmical stomach it rolls and thrashes on the ground. ‘Los Dedos Torcidos de Dios’ also has a guest in Omar F (Gorgonas). The guitar has a wonderful weird sound, flickering stoutly as the aching vocals strive in combat against the sleek bass and battering assault. It crawls all over you in wave after wave. A staggering thing, a monstrously beautiful juggernaut. It’s actually quite a short song but with multiple personality disorders a-go-go.

‘Burato do Inferno’ is another with his mate Txarly and this is the smaller of the beats included, shaper and snappier, the guitar an insubstantial leash trying to keep the vocals in line. ‘Funeral’ has J. Oskura Najera of the awe-dropping Eyaculación Post Mortem. This quakes nervously, if possible, quite slender in motion yet threatening to implode at any moment. Viscous vocals shudder, spidery vibrant guitar glows and then it all dies away in noble hacking misery.

A triumph!

Mick Mercer


released November 25, 2013

All music by H. Zombie with:

Txarly Usher (Los Carniceros del Norte): Vocals and Lyrics at #1 and #3
Omar F. (Gorgonas): Vocals and Lyrics at #2
J.Oskura Najera (Eyaculacion Post Mortem): Vocals and Lyrics at #4

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Engineered by H. Zombie at Zombiestudios

Cover Desing: Axl SlaughterTragic




H. Zombie Spain

H. Zombie is a musician, songwriter and producer, member of two of the most relevant spanish deathrock / post punk bands, now in Los Carniceros del Norte and previously in Naughty Zombies. Also he has this solo project under his name, to explore different ways in music. ... more

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